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Welcome to Capstone Development Group. We are committed to providing beautiful, affordable green housing. Capstone Development Group, LLC is a St. Louis-based housing developer specializing in high-quality housing that is affordable for families and seniors. Our committment to quality ensures residents of each neighborhood have a place they are proud to call home. We believe the success of a community is measured over the course of many years. That is why Capstone invests in innovative, sustainable technologies. We believe in building communities that are beautiful, affordable, sustainable and built for the future.

Capstone Development Group specializes in high-quality, affordable communities for families and seniors. Founded in 1976, Capstone Development Group has built approximately 350 neighborhoods in 17 states, containing some 14,000 homes. Capstone is focused on the use of innovative finance programs to help build our communities. We have extensive experience with a full array of affordable housing finance tools, and successful partnerships with a variety of State Housing Finance Agencies, lenders, non-profit entities, equity syndicators and local housing authorities. Capstone recognizes that the success of a neighborhood is measured over many years, not just at the time the property is complete. Our team possesses a thorough understanding of project design and construction, and we use sustainable building materials that yield an aesthetically pleasing product while requiring minimal maintenance.



Capstone Development Group has constructed numerous communities across the Midwest and surrounding areas.

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