KB Pods, LLC is committed to being a leader in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of modular building components, focusing on multi-family, single-family, senior and hospitality markets. We will strive to be the most valued, competent, innovative, and competitive company within our segment while recognizing our customers' needs and ensuring their satisfaction as our top priority.


  • Focused

Pods eliminate the costliest and time consuming portions of a site built project

  • Inspection Friendly

Pods are built exposed which allows for both inspection in-factory AND on site

  • Shipping Friendly

The 101.5" wide by up to 24' long pods can be shipped on any type and width trailer unit with no special highway requirements with a minimum of 2 units to a carrier

  • No Weather/Trade Delays

Weather delays are a significant schedule killer on a site-built project. This is greatly eliminated with the pods where the non-pod part of the construction is not nearly as sensitive to weather delays

  • Very Low Waste

Materials are procured cut to length when possible, automation equipment utilized, and with minimal packaging to a large degree eliminating much of the waste and handling on a site-built project


  • Kitchen Kits

  • Bath Kits

  • Laundry Kits

  • Single Family Unit Kits

  • Multi Family Unit Kits


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